Announcing the Charter UFAFI and Rossi Kuntao System First Annual Seminar

Date: 06-28-07 to 07-01-07
Place: Fountain Lakes Community Center
Fountain Lakes Blvd
Estero, Fl. 33928

This seminar is for like minded, Independent, Black Belts of any style. Our focus at this seminar will be on cross training the Rossi Kuntao System and our Chun Kuk Moo Sul black belt kata #1. While at dinner we will discuss the direction of where we want the UNIVERSAL FIGHTING ART FELLOWSHIP INTERNATIONAL and the CKMS to go. We look forward to having as much in put as we can. So far we have Grand Master Ventura Silva and several of his Black Belts signed up. He will be teaching our CKMS kata #1. We also have Master Robert Gelinas, Master Vincent Orlando, several of their black belts. Also, Kenpo Master Vincent Delucia may be joining us.  This will be an event NOT to Miss!!!

Cost for the seminar is $100.00. Trasportation, Food and Lodging are seperate. I suggest the BEST WESTERN SPRINGS RESORT in Fort Myers. They are the closest and least expensive. Their Phone is :  239-267-7900. Plus, others have already booked there. So, there is a good opportunity to bond. That is why I left ample free time in our schedule. Formal training will run Friday to Sunday, 1 to 4 pm in our Community Center. We may also train off hours near one of our lakes. Or, Individualy near the hotel.

You can take this time to visit South West Florida to explore the area, Site See, Boat, Fish and Work Out. There will be ample time for all!!

Please let me know if you wish to attend by sending a $50.00 deposit by May 31st. Or, at least email your ententions to Or, you can call 239-992-3782.

I Hope to See You June 28th to July 1st   ’07



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