Charter UFAFI and Rossi Kuntao System First Annual Seminar

Well, it was here and gone way to soon!!

The first UNIVERSAL FIGHTING ARTS FELLOWSHIP INTERNATIONAL seminar was a huge success. On the weekend of June 28th a number of respected Masters and Black Belts met in Estero Florida. The purpose? To establish the requirements for the UFAFI as a parent organization to its members styles. Soke Eric Breuer taught some Rossi Kuntao System techniques. They are as devastating as they are fast. UFAFI, National Training Director, Grand Master, Ventura Silva instructed attendees on the UFAFI’s first kata called Hunan Poomse. This kata is designed for testing to 1st degree black belt. It incorporates all of the basic blocks, strikes kicks and stances. It is Truly unique. It was also established that the UFAFI would be different than most martial art organizations in that it is for BLACK BELTS ONLY! And that it will except all styles. Also that the promotional requirements would be based on the UFAFI’s special kata designed to each Black Belt rank up to forth degree. In the self defense portion, any technique that worked would be acceptable as long as it includes the following – Block or Redirect, Strike or Kick, Take Down or Lock and a Follow Up. Sparring will be of light contact with groin and legs (above the knee) legal targets. Take-downs and Grappling are also, allowed. Henshi, Rob Gelinas suggested that next year time blocks be set aside for each of the Masters to teach a portion of their art. This idea was highly accepted and is already being looked forward to.

Soke Breuer stated that he is happy at the attendance of this years event. “It was kept small by design so that we could get some administrative work done as well. Over 75% of those personally invited attended. We look forward to a slightly larger seminar next year. But, It will be enormously more diverse.”

GROUP PHOTO: Seated from Left to Right – Henshi Rob Gelinas (Kajukido Kenpo Ryu), Grand Master Ventura Silva (Tang Do Kwan), Soke Eric Breuer (Rossi Kuntao System), Master Vincent Delucia (UMAKA Kenpo), Mr. Steve Casamento (American Kenpo).
Standing: Tom Grassi (American Kenpo), Mr. Ian Ah Nee (Chun Kuk Moo Sul), Master Vincent Orlando (Chun Kuk Moo Sul), Mr.Jamie Stuart (Kajukido Kenpo Ryu) and Mr. Joe Orsini (Chun Kuk Moo Sul).



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