Soke Eric Breuer

Master Eric Breuer

Heir to Rossi Kuntao System int.. Founder: Chun Kuk Moo Sul (Universal Martial Art) and Universal Fighting Arts Fellowship.

Master Eric Breuer has been a student of the martial arts since early 1970. His back ground includes Tang Soo Do, Free Style Jujitsu,Chun Kuk Do, KunTao and Kickboxing. He has been priviledged to train with some of the most respected instructors in the world. His personal instructors include Martial Art Movie Star, Grand Master CHUCK NORRIS (Chun Kuk Do 1984 to 1993), Grand Master Donald Duncan (Free Style Jujitsu 1970 to 1993), Master Robert Beaudoin (Tang Soo Do 1973 to 1978), Master Hun Chul Hwang (Tang Soo Do 1978 to 1983), and Grand Master Joe Rossi (Kun Tao 1990 to 1998).

Master Breuer has hosted or attended seminars taught by the Machados, Joe Lewis, Benny Urquidez, Gene Labell, Jeff Speakman and others. He is also a sought after seminar instructor conducting clinics in the USA, Canada, Russia, Uzbekistan and Mexico. Mr. Breuer has been inducted into 2 Internaional Hall Of Fames and issued the title of Certified Professional Martial Artist by CHUCK NORRIS. Mr. Norris also honored him as Man Of The Year in 1989 as well as making him Reaginal Director, placing him in charge of regional Black Belt testing for over 4 years. Prior to his passing in 1998, Grand Master JOE ROSSI granted Master Eric Breuer the highest honor he ever issued by giving Eric the title “SOKE-DAI” (HEIR OF SYSTEM). He also asked Mr. Breuer to help him design the new RKSI.

Mr. Breuer has authored many articles for most of the leading martial art magazines. He has appeared on several local cable T.V. programs as well as in State Police and Martial Art training videos. He had small rolls in the movies "SILENT TEARS" and the "BLACK COUGAR". He has preformed in several WWF entrance videos. He has also written, produced and preformed stunts in local and national commercials.

Mr. Breuer is a retired Connecticut State Trooper with over 22 years of service. He has held a variaty of positions including Patrol, Resident Trooper (overseeing ten local police officers), Defensive Tactics Instructor and over 8 years with the GOVERNOR’S SECURITY UNIT. Mr. Breuer has been decorated for his life saving efforts and bravery.

Mr. Breuer is currently living in Estero, FL with his wife Danielle and 2 Min Pins Scooby and Cricket.



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