Code of Conduct


  1. Service- Give unselfish service by helping and encouraging other members, participating in service projects and showing pride in UFAFI by maintaining a clean and orderly place to train.
  2. Respect- Members will not only show etiquette for the seniority system and honor senior members. But show respect for self, other members and all human beings.
  3. Honesty- Our personal, business and family lives will be conducted honestly. No lying, cheating or stealing.
  4. Self Improvement- Develop a habit of life long learning. By studying books and tapes on success and self improvement. Then, practice these principles in daily life.
  5. Health- Protect your life and skills by avoiding unhealthy practices. Such as smoking, drugs and excessive use of alcohol.
  6. Loyalty- Support the UFAFI, CKMS, Your instructor, school, fellow members and their students by word and action.
  7. Character- Show honor and respect for all of the martial arts, UFAFI and yourself by living a clean and upstanding life.
  8. Control- Members will show control of their actions. Anger will not exist on the mat. Discipline emotions will allow you to act or react appropriately.
  9. Courage- Develop courage by opposing those influences that can cause failure or defeat mentally, physically, emotionally or spiritually.
  10. Sincerity- Demonstrate sincerity carrying the Martial Code into your personal life. Do not be two faced or hypocritical.

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